Pregnancy Week 22

Caring For Your Skin At 22 Weeks Pregnant

Planning your nursery and more

Your baby now has their own regular sleeping and waking routine. Your movements may wake baby when they are sleeping, in the same way that their movements or kicks may keep you up at night! Their eyebrows and eyelids are fully developed and fingernails cover the fingertips.


Your baby’s developmentBaby as big as a mango

Baby as big as a mango
LENGTH 27 cm
WEIGHT 450 g

Your baby’s development

Your baby measures around 27-28cm long, and now weighs approximately 450g.

Their proportions and features are now similar to those of a newborn, although their skin is still transparent and they haven’t yet developed any fat.

Your baby’s senses are developing daily. As hearing and recognition improves, they are becoming more responsive to your voice. Brain and nerve endings are working together to develop their sense of touch.

Taste buds have started to form on the tongue. Eating a variety of tastes as part of your own healthy diet will influence their own taste preferences later on.

Your Body

You may find that your skin is affected by pregnancy hormones. For some women, pregnancy hormones can cause skin to produce more sebum, resulting in blocked pores and spots. Touching or squeezing any affected skin can make things worse. Stick to regular cleansing with a gentle cleanser to keep your skin clean. An oil-free moisturiser may help.

If you are suffering from pregnancy-related acne, you should only use treatment or creams that have been approved or prescribed by a healthcare professional. Your skin should return to its pre-pregnancy condition a few weeks after birth.

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Please note: These pregnancy week-by-week articles, are meant to give you a general sense of the growth and development going on within you. However, it’s important to remember that every baby develops differently, even during pregnancy.

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