Baby Month 5

Feeling Settled With Your 5 Month Old Baby

New skills and movements

More settled, more predictable and more entertaining; your 5 month old keeps building skills, bit by bit, getting the body and brain ready for the big challenges ahead.

Feeding your baby

Some parents may be enjoying extra rest as their 5 month old wakes once a night for a feed but otherwise sleeps through. You might often hear friends say “my baby sleeps through the night”. Don’t be discouraged by this; ask what they mean. You’ll often find baby still wakes once or twice a night but it’s a great improvement on every 3 hours!

Sleep and settling

Typically, your baby will need around 15 hours’ sleep a day, with anywhere between 1 and 4 daytime sleeps.

To establish a solid sleep during the night, keep following your evening wind-down routine. Bath, massage, reading, singing, cuddles, patting and more can all help remind your baby that now’s the time for sleep. Illness and teething can disrupt your routines, so don’t worry if your usually-settled bub becomes unsettled for a time.

Keep hands-on-settling to help your baby learn the first steps of self soothing. By all means, if baby is upset – comfort them accordingly.

Time to play

Getting out with your baby is easier than before, and you can take advantage of that to spend time together while also keeping yourself active. Long walks and mum-and-baby yoga groups are a couple of ways you can exercise and regain energy while still being with your little one.

Your baby loves to laugh, so little tickles are always fun. Take the time to make eye contact and laugh along; it’s actually hard to resist.

Tummy time continues to be important. As your baby’s stomach muscles develop, you can put toys just out of reach. Stretching will help with strengthening and to encourage your bub to roll.

Baby’s developmental milestones

  • Copying simple sounds, including rising and falling tones (try ‘boo’)
  • Happy spending time playing with their own toys for a short period of time
  • Teething, which may last for weeks (try a chilled teething ring if your baby is having trouble
  • Enjoying looking in a mirror

Check your calendar

  • Stay active with family or other friends and plan play dates where you can put baby down to socialize. A picnic in the park might be a great way.
  • Pack fruit, nuts and other healthy snacks for yourself when heading out with your bub.

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Please note: These articles are meant to give you a general sense of the growth and development of your newborn baby. However, it’s important to remember that every baby grows and develops at their own pace.

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