Baby Month 11

Major Milestones For Your 11 Month Old Baby

Here come some major milestones

This is an amazing time: your baby is making the transition from baby to toddler, and some major milestones are about to be reached.

Feeding your baby

With lots of new flavours and textures appearing on the menu, it’s natural for your baby to refuse to eat certain foods. Don’t force the issue; just find something your little one likes, and keep trying to introduce new foods regularly. You may need to mix something new with something your little one loves, just to get over that hurdle!

Sleep and settling

Over the next 6 months, you may notice your baby developing some separation anxiety, and they may cry when you are out of sight. This is especially difficult at sleep time, as your baby may lose the ability to self-settle. Spending a bit more time settling your bub and sitting quietly as they drift off can help relieve this anxiety.

Working on comfort settling prior to this point often helps baby associate this time as sleep time.

Time to play

Music is a great way keep your baby engaged while also developing their brain. Your bub will love you singing and playing your favourite music around the house. Encourage participation by giving your baby toy instruments or a plastic bowl with a wooden spoon. They’ll love it if you play along.

Baby’s developmental milestones

  • Taking first steps (although this can occur much later too – especially if they have sibling or others to get them what they need)
  • Copying sounds and even saying their first words
  • Developing separation anxiety

Check your calendar

  • Start planning a small party for bub’s first birthday. Perhaps arrange an afternoon tea for friends and family.

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Please note: These articles are meant to give you a general sense of the growth and development of your newborn baby. However, it’s important to remember that every baby grows and develops at their own pace.

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