Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage: Benefits For You & Baby

Pregnancy massage can be a wonderful way to unwind and feel more connected to your baby. It has health benefits, too.

Connecting with your baby

As your bump grows day by day, your body is undergoing enormous changes. It’s no wonder that you may feel more tired, stressed and emotional than usual!

Pregnancy massage and other relaxation techniques can soothe your body and soul; and help you connect with your baby in a beautiful way. Try it by gently massaging moisturiser into your tummy to see if you get a kick or two.

While many women enjoy massage while pregnant, there may be times when this is not safe. In particular, pregnant women are often advised to be careful in the first three months of pregnancy, as it is not considered safe for your abdomen to be massaged during this time. If you are concerned or uncertain about what is right for you, seek advice from your GP or midwife before booking in for a massage.

Benefits of massage for you and your baby

It’s thought that your baby benefits from pregnancy massage from the soothing effect that it has on you. When you feel better, your baby will too.

Massage can reduce stress, help to manage backache, improve mental health and lift your mood.

These are all wonderful reasons for you to find a quiet moment in your day for a pregnancy massage, meditation session or some other relaxation technique. Even a simple ritual like singing to your baby may help to melt the stress away.

Find ways to relax every day

Here are some relaxation techniques and ideas for you to try. Remember, though, every woman is unique so you may want to try different things until you find something that works for you.

  • Pregnancy massage;– treat yourself to a pregnancy massage with a qualified massage therapist
  • Regular massage;– if you don’t like the idea of someone else touching your tummy, you could book yourself in for a head, neck and shoulder massage, or a hand or foot massage
  • Aromatherapy oils;– buy a soothing, pregnancy-friendly aromatherapy oil – the smell could help reduce stress, too (check with your healthcare professional if you are unsure about whether your chosen oil is safe during pregnancy though)
  • Partner massage;– ask your partner to massage away tension in your shoulders, back or feet
  • Warm bath;– relax your muscles and mind in a warm, scented bath – just be sure that it’s not too hot

And remember, if you are ever feeling overwhelmed, speak to your midwife or GP. They may be able to help talk you through your feelings, or could refer you to someone else who could help.



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