Baby Month 10

10 Month Old Baby Milestones

Finger foods and fascinating play

There is a wide range of abilities on show with different babies around this age. This can cause anxiety for some parents, but don’t worry. Avoid comparisons and just enjoy the daily advances your little one is making.

Feeding your baby

Now’s the time to introduce a full range of textures, including hard finger foods (such as carrots); your little one might even be able to self-feed. With a broader range of flavours, try preparing simple meals that you can eat with your baby; a great way to share time together as a family.

Sleep and settling

About three quarters of babies will be sleeping through the night (8–12 hours) by this age, and still having two good naps during the day. Some mums choose to get their baby up for a ‘dream feed’ later at night. If you find that this helps your little one sleep through the night, there’s no harm continuing with it.Don’t be alarmed if your baby sleeps 7 hours, wakes for a feed and goes back down for another 3 or 4 hours. This is developmentally normal for many babies and can often still be referred to as ‘sleeping through the night’. Try not to compare your baby to others and ask mums what they mean when they say sleep through the night.

Time to play

Playing games that show cause and effect will keep you and your little one amused. Toys with moving parts – or with holes they can poke their fingers into – will be endlessly fascinating.

Baby’s developmental milestones

  • Settling more easily
  • Using gestures like waving goodbye and nodding for yes
  • Pulling up to a standing position
  • Beginning to feed without help

Check your calendar

  • Continue nurturing your relationships. It’s hard work in the first year and you’ve made it 10 months! Play groups often have lots on and if not, even just a walk or sitting and socialising with your baby can be helpful.

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Please note: These articles are meant to give you a general sense of the growth and development of your newborn baby. However, it’s important to remember that every baby grows and develops at their own pace.

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