Allergy Webinars

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Watch educational webinars on CMPA presented by leading global experts.

Clinical Paper | Multi-centre trial shows beneficial effect of synbiotics on atopic dermatitis in infants

Gut and Immune Health

The gut is a fundamental component of our body’s immune system. What role does early life nutrition play in the development of our immune system? Should probiotics and synbiotics be considered in the nutritional management of infants at-risk of and with diagnosed allergic disease?
Clinical Paper | Effects on growth, tolerance and hypoallergencity of amino acid-based formula with synbiotics

Synbiotics in Allergy Management

Synbiotics in allergy management – do gut microbiota outcomes translate into patient benefits? Understanding gut dysbiosis to unlock the potential of synbiotics for nutritional management of cows’ milk protein allergy in infants.
Clinical Paper | Synbiotics support adequate growth and tolerance in healthy infants

CMPA and Functional Gastrointestinal Complaints in Infants

Diagnosing CMPA and FGIDs can be challenging due to overlapping symptoms that are common to both conditions. Timely diagnosis can significantly improve outcomes and reduce infant and parental distress. Learn practical tips from leading experts in the field on how to correctly diagnose CMPA and FGIDs, and optimal nutritional management options for the repsective conditions.
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