Allergy Podcasts

Allergy Podcasts

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Hear from leading global experts in the field of early life nutrition and allergy with insights to support your professional development.


Understanding breast milk composition: The best immune programmer

Breast milk is the best nutrition for infants and has been clinically demonstrated to support early life immune system development. This podcast will discuss how closely currently available infant formulas compare to breast milk. Identifying factors that are considered in formula development, the challenges in production and some promising areas of growth in this space.

The role of nutrition in allergy prevention and management

This podcast will give you insight on what factors influence allergy development, how nutrition can support management and what role hydrolysed formula and hypoallergenic formulas play.

Gut microbiota in allergy development: Impact of dysbiosis

This podcast provides insight on how the microbiota influences immune system development and how dysbiosis can be linked to allergy development.

Training the immune system and the role of gut microbiota

The first 1000 days are an important time of development for infants. As the immune system develops and matures during early life, this podcast focuses on the question – can the immune system be influenced by modulating the gut microbiota?

Positive role of LCPs on brain and immunity development

The link between long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPs) and positive health benefits is well established in adults. What is the latest evidence on the role of LCPs in infants and do they have an impact on brain and immunity development in early life?
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