Aptamil packaging upgrade

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement,
we are proud to announce we have harmonised and standardised
our metal can/tin packaging across specific Aptamil products.

What’s changing?

4 ribbed wall products are changing to flat cans with a top ring design.

  • Aptamil Prosyneo Sensitive
  • Aptamil AllerPro Syneo Stages 1-3
  • Aptamil Lactose Intolerance
  • Aptamil Colic and Constipation

Why change?

To maximise the availability, we can now source the packaging materials from two suppliers meaning continuous production at both factories.

In the interest of sustainability, every little bit counts so we have reduced our metal usage by 6%.

What hasn’t changed?

Rest assured that our high-quality ingredients and recipes remain the same.
The same steel and aluminium foil blend metal is used in a lighter weight.
The new packaging is also fully compliant with our high-quality & food safety and packaging standards.

Nutricia’s ongoing commitment to continually improve our products, support the growth and development of babies, and promise to create a more sustainable future is alive and strong.


Aptamil Lactose Intolerance and Aptamil AllerPro have a paper label so the appearance of the product will not change.