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We’re here to make things a little less complicated with the nutrition and parenting advice you need.


Simplify parenting with helpful advice

Karinourish - My Unique Moments App
My Unique Moments App
From nappies to nutrition, the Karinourish baby tracking app keeps track of your baby’s needs in one simple app.
Dinosaurs in a tin
6 Karicare craft ideas for kids
As your little one becomes an active explorer – testing out their abilities and seeking out new experiences – they’ll want to get into everything, including the Karicare Toddler Milk Drink tin.
Concerned child
6 common concerns you may have about your baby
Even healthy babies can have feeding and digestion problems. Misunderstanding the signs and treating the symptoms can get in the way of a happy household.
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Simplify nutrition with helpful advice

Child bottle feeding
How to bottle feed your baby: Our step by step guide
How do you prepare a feed? What equipment do you need? How do you keep things sterile? If you’re thinking about bottle feeding your baby, you probably have lots of questions.
Toddler eating food
Healthy food ideas for babies and toddlers
The eating habits and food tastes that toddlers develop can stay with them into adulthood. To encourage healthy eating, we’ve put together this helpful nutrition guide for children aged between 7 months and 3 years.
Image of baby formula being scooped out of a tin
When is the right time to switch baby formula types?
As your baby grows, their nutritional needs change. Breast milk naturally changes to meet the nutritional requirements of infants, helping with their development.
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Coronavirus support

We're sharing expert information on how and your family can navigate through the current environment of the Coronavirus.

kid playing at home
5 fun games to play at home
Days can be long in our current environment. Playing games is critical to developing a child’s imagination.
Family sitting in the living room
10 tips for organising your stay-at-home life
We know that in this particular time of confinement, a lot of questions are arising on how to organise family life, when we’re balancing working from home with children home from school and toddlers running around.
smiling child with mother
Coronavirus myths vs facts
Myth: The Coronavirus doesn’t exist in hot and humid climates. Fact: Unfortunately, from the evidence so far, the Coronavirus can be transmitted everywhere, including places with hot and humid weather.
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Nutricia Careline team of experts

Meet our Careline Experts

"It's pretty daunting being a first time mum and having so many unanswered questions, so you have been a great help to me this week."  - Nicky, Careline caller

Made up of midwives, dietitians and mums, our Careline can help with all your parenting questions. Your support crew just got bigger!