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About us

At Karicare Toddler, we know parenting isn’t always picture-perfect, so let’s get a little bit more real about it

We want to disrupt the picture-perfect view of parenting that society has created. Let’s celebrate the messy hands and the muddy toes and keep it real.

We call it ‘Feed the Real’

Real New Zealand milk* from local farmers

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Made with real New Zealand milk* from local farmers

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No added preservatives or artificial flavours

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16 vitamins and minerals, including Iron, Zinc and Calcium to support normal growth and development in toddlers^

*real milk refers to raw milk used at the beginning of the production process.
^when prepared as directed and consumed as part of a healthy varied diet

Our Pledge

Infant Nutrition Council - Australia & New Zealand

Karicare & Nutricia: Backed by a world leader

We know that not every mother is able – nor chooses – to solely breastfeed her baby. Karicare products are backed by the findings of Nutricia, who have invested more than forty years of research in the field of early life nutrition. You can be rest assured all of our products have benefited from this work.

MAIF & the Infant Nutrition Council

Karicare is a voluntary signatory of the Marketing in Australia of Infant Formula (MAIF)  Agreement, meaning we’re committed to the provision of safe and adequate nutrition for infants by the protection and promotion of breastfeeding and by ensuring the proper use of infant formula, when they are necessary, on the basis of adequate information. For this reason, you’ll see we advocate that ‘breast is best’ when it comes to feeding your child. We’re also members of the Infant Nutrition Council, an industry body committed to supporting breastfeeding and, when appropriate, infant formula.

Our local history

Inspired by the work and spirit of our original founders, we continue to create trusted products and support parents and carers around the world.

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What is 'Feed The Real'
We’re on a mission to redefine how society portrays parenting.
We're going carbon neutral by 2030
Because a better tomorrow for our little ones starts with the choices we make today.
Karicare - Gold Plus Carbon Neutral Certified - Carbon Trust
Gold Plus+ toddler milk certified carbon neutral
Karicare Toddler Gold+ range gets a greener footprint

Real support when you need it

Nutricia Careline team of experts

Meet our Careline Experts

Made up of midwives, dietitians and mums, our Careline can help with all your parenting questions. Your support crew just got bigger!