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10 tips for organising your stay-at-home life

We know that in this particular time of confinement, a lot of questions are arising on how to organise family life, when we’re balancing working from home with children home from school and toddlers running around. We’re sharing tips inspired by ideas from classic management theory and beyond, to help you organise your family life and your time at home.

1)      Acknowledge that you need to reorganise.

Start by:

2)      Bringing everyone to the table (partners and children) to formulate a plan

3)      Identifying each person’s needs, talents, and opportunities

4)      Empowering everyone: motivate and engage everyone with tasks and incentives

When it comes to our individual behaviour, we all need to be vigilant when dealing with the following tendencies that can overcome us, especially when we’re all trying to adapt our time organisation to the situation of confinement.

5)      Trying not to take on too much and overload yourself with tasks and responsibilities

6)      Looking for opportunities to delegate more. Children like to pitch in, let them take on some of the lighter chores.

7)      Channelling your survival instincts; trust your inner voice rather than be influenced by ambient negativity and “noise”

8)      Being open to pursuing new challenges and interests. Now’s the time!

9)      Recognising that you also need time for yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself and take time to rest, get some exercise or simply enjoy some “me-time”, your ability to manage family life will be diminished, and your loved ones will feel the consequences.

10)   Humans are social beings, and we thrive on touch and physical contact. Although it is imperative to practice social isolation and distancing exactly as recommended by your local health authorities, we can compensate by showing physical affection to the loved ones we are confined with: hugs, cuddles, kisses and a good back rub are all essential to staying emotionally well-balanced now.

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