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If you are seeking additional support or advice for yourself or a loved one with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or Alzheimer’s disease, there are a range of community support platforms offering a range of services to help guide you on your journey.

Phone: 1800 100 500
Dementia Australia is the primary body in Australia providing support and advocacy for all Australians living with dementia. Dementia Australia develop and co-ordinate a range of innovative national dementia programs and services funded by the Commonwealth, in order to provide information, support, counselling, training and education with families, carers and healthcare professionals.
Dementia Australia manages the National Dementia Helpline, which is a service that provides support, information and referral services for all Australians either living with dementia or for those people who are just not sure where to go for help.
Phone: 1800 242 636
Representing Australia’s carers, this organisation provides specialist services for carers, including counselling, advice and information. You can call the number above for information about support services available to carers and to speak to a qualified counsellor.
Phone: 1800 800 110
The NDIS offers a new way for people with disability to get the care and support they need to live a better life. The NDIS recognises that everyone is different and gives people with disability, choice and flexibility. This means you can choose who provides that support. If you currently take Souvenaid®, this could be eligible under the NDIS scheme. To seek qualification call the number above.
Phone: 1800 200 422
My Aged Care provides information on aged care, whether for yourself, family or someone you are caring for. It can also help you find Government-funded aged care services.
Phone: 1800 699 799 (24 hour helpline)
The DSA helps to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia and their carers. They do this by working with the person living with dementia and their care network to understand the causes that led to changes in behaviour.
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Souvenaid® is a Food for Special Medical Purpose for the dietary management of early Alzheimer’s disease. Must be used under medical supervision.