What is Souvenaid®?
Who is Souvenaid® for?
What does Souvenaid®contain?
How does Souvenaid®work?
How does Souvenaid®support memory function?
How should Souvenaid®be taken?
Can Souvenaid®be taken at the same time as medications for Alzheimer's disease?
How does Souvenaid® taste?
How long do I need to take Souvenaid®?
I have a family history of Alzheimer's disease. Should I take Souvenaid® to prevent it developing in the future? Should I take it ‘just in case’?
Will Souvenaid® protect me from getting Alzheimer's disease or stop the progression of the disease?
I am already taking coconut oil or food supplements for memory loss, will Souvenaid® provide additional benefits?
Why can’t I just take fish oil and other vitamin supplements to get the same benefits for a fraction of the cost?
Can’t people living with Alzheimer’s disease get the same benefits from consuming foods containing the ingredients present in Souvenaid®?
Are there any contraindications when taking Souvenaid®?
Is Souvenaid® safe to consumer alongside other medical conditions?
Where can I get Souvenaid®?
If I have further questions on Souvenaid®, who should I contact?

Souvenaid® is a Food for Special Medical Purpose for the dietary management of early Alzheimer’s disease. Must be used under medical supervision.