Have You Heard of A2 Protein Milk?

what is a2 protein milk

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Have You Heard of A2 Protein Milk?

Once upon a time, all cows naturally produced milk with only A2 protein. Since, things have changed but the trend back to A2 milk is growing fast, and we’ve introduced our Karicare Gold+ A2 Toddler Milk.Over the past thousands of years, cows have developed genetically and now produce up to 12 varieties of proteins, 95% of which are constituted of whey and casein proteins, like A1 and A2, which are the primary types of beta-casein proteins^.These days, it’s more difficult to find cows that produce milk containing only A2 protein, so we’ve specially sourced our milk from select New Zealand farms. Karicare Gold+ A2 Protein Toddler Milk contains milk that is produced by cows that only produce A2 beta-casein protein in their milk, just like it used to be.

Made for Little Tummies

Our Karicare Gold Plus+ A2 Protein Toddler Milk is simply made for little tummies! It contains Omega-3 DHA, prebiotics and 16 key vitamins and minerals, including iron, calcium and vitamin D. Calcium and vitamin D help support normal bone development, and iron helps support normal cognitive development, as part of a varied, balanced diet.Plus, there are no added preservatives, artificial colours, or table sugar.^Sodhi, M., et al., Milk Proteins and Human Health: A1/A2 Milk Hypothesis. Indian Journal of Endocrinol Metabolism, 2012.

Cows that only produce A2 protein in their milk

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Where do we source our A2 Protein Milk?
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Where it all begins: select New Zealand farms. The key ingredient of Karicare A2 Protein Milk for Toddlers is a very simple one, fresh dairy milk.

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