How is A2 Protein Milk different from a standard cows’ milk?

Milk contains both whey and casein proteins. Casein proteins come in different varieties including a specific type called beta-casein. Cows’ milk can contain up to 12 types of beta-casein! The relevant types of beta-casein in cows’ milk are A1 and A2.


The breed of the cow determines what types of beta-casein are contained in cows’ milk. Cows can produce purely A2, A1, or A1/A2 hybrids of beta-casein protein. A2 protein milk and A2 protein formula contain only A2 beta-casein protein because they come from cows producing only this type. Some people say they feel more comfortable after drinking the A2 protein only milk compared to standard cows’ milk(1,2).

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