The First 14 Days Support Program provides practical help and encouragement during key moments during the first 14 days of your transition onto Neocate.

You’ll receive emails specifically designed to coach you through moments when Neocate will impact your child’s current symptoms and provide some inspiration along the path of their allergy recovery.

We’ll send tips, tools and resources and let you know what to expect so you can persevere and make it through the full 14 day journey.

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Tip #1:
Some babies can take at least 15 tries before they accept a new taste.1Allow time for your baby to adjust to the new taste of Neocate.

Tip #2
After commencing a cows’ milk protein-free diet and Neocate, cows’ milk protein allergy symptoms should improve within 3-14 days.2-4 

Tip #3
If you are concerned that the results are slow or your child is not liking the new formula, please talk to your healthcare professional for guidance. 

What to expect over your First 14 Days on Neocate.
To learn more about what to expect after being diagnosed with cows’ milk protein allergy
and commencing a cows’ milk protein-free diet,
register for the First 14 days Support Program now.

What is Neocate prescribed for? The treatment of cows’ milk protein allergy (CMPA) involves eliminating all cows’ milk protein from the diet.1 For breastfed infants, treatment may also involve removing cows’ milk protein from the mother’s diet. When breastmilk is not available, a specialised formula is recommended.1 Amino acid-based formulas are recommended for infants <6 months with severe CMPA as they are: 

  • 100% free of cows’ milk protein  
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Developed to ensure children get all the required nutrients 

To find out more about Neocate amino acid-based formulas click here. 

As your baby’s symptoms start to improve or disappear, it is recommended that your child continues a cows’ milk protein free diet for as long as it has been advised by your doctor or dietitian. Reintroduction of cows’ milk protein to the diet should be completed under healthcare professional supervision.

Information about the Neocate range is strictly for educational and informational purposes only and should not be substituted for medical advice. Always consult your healthcare professional, especially before you begin any new diet or program.


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