Our commitment

At Aptamil Toddler, we are committed to:

Our research

Our products are anchored in Nutricia’s 40 years of global research and expertise in immunity and growth.

Exploring the science behind breast milk and its unrivalled nutritional benefits, our experts have drawn on a unique blend of scientifically researched ingredients to develop the most advanced formulations for children who are not able to be breast fed. Operating out of three dedicated research centres, Nutricia’s global team of 400 scientists works in close collaboration with universities, institutions and hospitals worldwide. Their exploration into the developmental impact of early life nutrition has also generated numerous peer-reviewed papers and scientific articles.

Nutricia Careline

Understanding your child’s nutrition is so important – but it can be challenging.

It’s why we’ve assembled the Nutricia Careline, a team of trusted experts, including clinical nutritionists, dietitians and midwives.

From sourcing the right nutrition in your first trimester, to handling the very first feed and transitioning your baby to their first solids, they’re here to answer any question you might have.