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Breastfeeding gives the best possible nutrition for your baby. However, if they are not breastfed, or if they are mixed feeding, you want to ensure your child is still getting good quality nutrition that also supports the immune system and cognitive function so you can help them experience their world. Backed by Nutricia, experts in early life nutrition with more than 40 years of research in immunity and growth, our range of nutritional supplements has been designed to support every stage of your child’s future development.

5 everyday ways to build your child’s immune system

5 everyday ways to build your child’s immune system

5 simple tips to help you help your children develop a robust and resilient immune system.

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Essensis A2 organic milk

Aptamil Essensis Organic A2 Protein Milk 3

Introducing our most exclusive formulation. For the first time, we’ve combined Organic A2 protein milk with our unique patented synbiotic blend.

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How prebiotics can help your baby’s immune system

Discover AptaGrow

AptaGrow is a specially formulated milk drink range that gives picky eaters key nutrients for growth and development.

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Why Aptamil Toddler?

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Help’s lay foundations for your toddler’s future progress
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Iron and iodine for normal cognitive function*
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Zinc for normal immune system function*

*When prepared as directed and consumed as part of a healthy varied diet

Important Notice:
Message for Parents and Carers: Aptamil AllerPro Stock Update

Nutricia Careline

Experts in parenting support. When you need answers to your parenting questions, the Nutricia Careline can help. With a team of experienced midwives, dietitians and nutritionists, the Nutricia Careline is here to support you every step of the way on your journey through parenthood text.

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How can you tell if your child has cows' milk allergy

Cow’s milk allergy is a common condition that can persist until 3 to 5 years of age. Learn about the common symptoms, and ways to help manage it.

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How to ensure your toddler has enough vitamin D

How to ensure your toddler has enough vitamin D

Find out how your toddler can get their essential intake of vitamin D through safe sun and their nutrition.

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5 tips to manage constipation in child

5 top tips to manage baby constipation

It can be distressing to see your baby pass hard poos with pain and discomfort. However, the good news is constipation isn’t usually serious.

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