Doctor talking to a toddler Doctor talking to a toddler Doctor talking to a toddler

Pregnancy, toddler and baby tips and advice

We’re here to help with the support you need, through pregnancy and the early years of parenthood. Enjoy our articles and videos for pregnancy, baby and toddler stages.

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Doctor talking to a toddler Doctor talking to a toddler Doctor talking to a toddler


Following a healthy diet during pregnancy is one of the best things you can do for your baby. Learn how getting the right nutrients pre-birth can support everything from your baby’s brain function and iron levels to their nervous and immune systems in the future.

Superfoods in pregnancy

Learn which superfoods, or nutrient-dense foods, to include in your pregnancy diet to support your baby’s development and future health.

The importance of iodine in pregnancy

Iodine contributes to your baby’s normal cognitive development during pregnancy. Learn the importance of iodine and how to include it in your diet.

Understanding LCPs: Omega 3 and Omega 6

Omega-3 and Omega-6 are two types of essential fatty acids. They play an important role in baby development during pregnancy. Learn about their benefits here.


From their first feed to their first solids, your baby’s first year is full of milestones. Enjoy watching them grow with insights into the nutrition they need at every stage of their development.

How your nutrition, and your baby's, can help reduce allergies

Is your child at risk of suffering from allergies? Learn how nutrition from pregnancy through to introducing solids may influence your child’s chances of developing an allergy.

Support your baby with a healthy breastfeeding diet

Support your baby’s future health with the right nutritional choices while breastfeeding. From staying hydrated to eating a balanced diet, the choices you make can impact their future health.

Games for babies and toddlers

There are so many games and activities you can play at home with your baby or toddler. You’ll both have lots of fun, and your child will be learning and developing physical and cognitive skills.


Did you know that between the age of 1 and 3 years, young children have a higher requirement for many nutrients compared to adults? This means that every mouthful counts. Understand how to help your little one thrive with the right balance of nutrition.

Prepare your child with resilience and a healthy immune system

Ensuring your child is resilient ensures they will be able to cope well throughout their life. Learn how a healthy immune system can help your child experience the world and build resilience.

Building your child’s resilience through nutrition

Nutrition builds resilience by supporting a child’s play, immune system and cognitive development.

5 fun games to play at home

Days stuck at home can be boring, for parents and children. Playing games is critical to developing a child’s imagination. Enjoy our ideas of fun games that siblings can play together to pass the time, learn and have fun!