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AptaGrow is the pick for your picky eater

AptaGrow is an age-adapted, nutrient-dense, milk-drink range that supports immune system and growth, even in the pickiest eaters.

AptaGrow by Aptamil | AptaNutrition | Nutricia AptaGrow by Aptamil | AptaNutrition | Nutricia AptaGrow by Aptamil | AptaNutrition | Nutricia

Why AptaGrow?

AptaGrow is uniquely formulated to give picky eaters key nutrients in just one serve a day. It’s designed to be consumed as part of a healthy, varied diet. So, if you’ve got a picky eater on your hands, pick AptaGrow.

*Based on the NHMRC Nutrient Reference Values.

AptaGrow Range

    AptaGrow 3+ Years Nutrient-Dense Drink | AptaNutrition
    AptaGrow 1+ YearsNutrient-Dense Drink | AptaNutrition
    AptaGrow 6+ Years Nutrient-Dense Drink | AptaNutrition
    3+ years
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    Zinc supports immune system function.

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    Calcium and vitamin D for normal teeth and bone structure, and iron for normal cognitive function.

    1+ years
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    Zinc to support immune system function and our patented symbiotic blend, with BBM16V, to provide a positive effect on gut microbiota composition.

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    Specific level of protein for toddlers, for growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass.

    6+ years
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    Formulated with zinc to support immune system function.

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    Contains vitamin A for normal vision, and iron for normal energy production.

AptaGrow is a Food for Special Medical Purposes. Must be used under medical supervision. Not suitable as a sole source of nutrition, designed to be consumed in conjunction with a healthy varied diet.

Get picky eaters on track

Our Nutrition Tracker tool gives you expert guidance on how to plan your child’s meals by working out their daily nutritional intake. And for any extra tips and nutritional advice, head to Parent’s Corner, where you can find a whole range of expert articles.


Nutrition Tracker

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