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Karicare and sustainability

Our commitment to you

We are on our way to becoming carbon neutral, starting with our new Certified Organic and Certified Grass Fed product, Karicare Gold Plus Organic Toddler Milk.

As the most trusted milk formula brand from New Zealand, we want to help preserve the natural environment that is perfect for producing the best-quality milk for your little ones.

We believe that people and nature are one. If the natural world is healthy, people are healthy.

We are committed to the health of Aussie and Kiwi kids. We think about the ingredients we put in and leave out. We look after the land we use to make our milk so that we can provide nutrition to help your kids grow up healthy and strong.

Karicare Toddler Towards Carbon Neutral by 2030

Our commitment to the climate

We’re committed to sustainability today. We’re continuously working to reduce our carbon footprint at every stage of production, from the materials we use to transportation, recycling and more.

So, we are going carbon neutral

Karicare is committed to a more sustainable future, because looking after our environment today will help us contribute to a sustainable, healthy planet for future generations. That is why we are embarking on a journey to be the first milk formula brand in Australia and New Zealand to become carbon neutral. And we’re not stopping at one product. We are committed to all Karicare  products being certified carbon neutral by 2030. 

What does it mean to be carbon neutral?

We’ve set our sights on becoming certified carbon neutral by continuously measuring and reducing our carbon emissions at every step.

To reach our carbon-neutral goal, we will:

  • measure and reduce our emissions
  • maximise packaging circularity
  • offset our remaining CO2 emissions.

Here’s how we will do it:

1. Packaging circularity

Most of our packaging and its components are  recyclable, including the tin, lid and spoon. This is due to the use of tin plate in our cans and recyclable plastics for items such as scoops and snap-seal lids. By 2025, all Karicare’s packaging will be either recyclable, reusable or compostable. 

2. Decarbonising operations

Karicare is focused on reducing carbon emissions associated with our operations. That’s why we have invested in a NZ$30 million state-of-the-art biomass boiler for our South Island spray drying facility in Balclutha. It’s powered by sustainable by-products of local forestry activity that may ordinarily go to waste. The new boiler will reduce our plant’s CO2 emissions by 20,000 tonnes a year. We are also moving to 100% renewable electricity for all our New Zealand plants in 2021.  

3. Regenerative agriculture

We work with our local suppliers and farmers to reduce waste, reduce water usage and be more efficient in the way we make our products.

Join us in this journey

You have the ultimate power to create the world you want by choosing brands that care about the environment. Come with us into a healthy future.