Why have you developed the Karicare Family formulation? What is the benefit?

With over 100 years of expertise in nutrition, Nutricia has proudly launched our probiotic-fortified milk drink, Karicare Family.
Karicare Family is made with the goodness of high-quality New Zealand cow’s milk. The farms from which the liquid milk is sourced meet the NZ requirements and standards for dairy farming, including pasture management and milking hygiene, producing high-quality milk. Karicare Family contains probiotics, key vitamins (Vitamin A, B1, C and D3) and protein, to help nutritionally support the different generations (4 years and above) in your family. It also contains no added sugar or preservatives. Karicare Family is a good source of calcium and each serve also contains 1 billion active probiotics. Karicare Family is a formulated supplementary food and is designed to supplement a normal diet when intake of energy and nutrients may not be adequate.